Workshop: „Green Hydrogen technologies supporting the Energy Transition: Matching uses with context”

On April 26, 2022, the Green Hysland project hosted its first workshop in a hybrid format in Cres, Croatia and online. The workshop was co-organised by the Regional Energy Agency Kvarner and FEDARENE. Different European initiatives and stakeholders were invited to show how green hydrogen can increase renewable energy penetration in specific regions, demonstrating sector coupling and sectorial integration, and moving towards full decarbonisation of the economy.


Our project partner IDENER had the chance to present the role of hydrogen in the decarbonisation of the island of Borkum. Due to a significant influx of tourists every year, Borkum’s energy consumption varies greatly between the different seasons. To cover the consumption peaks, various energy storage systems are installed on the island. This is where hydrogen comes into play. While intra-day storage will be provided by Li-ion batteries, a seasonal hydrogen-based storage will complement the electricity storage system by conducting charge/discharge cycles in the mid-to-long term. The electrolyser converts electricity into hydrogen, which is then stored in a pressurised tank. If required, the stored hydrogen is converted back into electricity by recombination with oxygen in a fuel cell. The hydrogen storage system also includes a buffer Li-ion battery pack for short term storage and power balancing. The storage capacity of the pilot plant system, installed on Borkum, comprises up to 144 kg H2, which corresponds to 4800 kWh. The storage will reach its maximum capacity at the end of the winter. The stored energy can then be consumed during the high seasons in spring and summer. This allows to increase the penetration of renewables and the self-consumption on Borkum. Another interesting presentation was given by our project partner EMEC about the various hydrogen projects taking place on Orkney islands.


A recording of the workshop is available here.


A big thank you to the Institution Regional Energy Agency Kvarner and FEDARENE for organizing this interesting workshop.


Photo: Walter Salković

Photo: Walter Salković