General Assembly in Leuven

From the 29th to 30th of March, the ISLANDER partners met in the beautiful city of Leuven, Belgium for their General Assembly in Month 30 of the project. The meeting was organised by project partners KU Leuven and elmy.


The first day of the General Assembly was used to discuss the project progress in the different work packages and upcoming deliverables and to discuss open questions. In the afternoon, project partner elmy conducted a teambuilding workshop, called Climate Fresk, with the aim of raising awareness on climate change. The workshop lasted about 3 hours and dealt with the causes and consequences of climate change. It showed the project partners once again the motivation behind the ISLANDER project: to promote decarbonisation in order to mitigate climate change and its impacts. After a short summary of the first day by project coordinator AYESA, the partners went on a small city tour through Leuven, which was organised by project partner KU Leuven. In the evening, everyone met for a well-deserved dinner.


The second day started with a feedback session on the teamwork in the first 30 months of the project. The partners formulated positive aspects and drives in the work together on the project, but also identified barriers and together suggestions for improvement were made. Afterwards, open questions between the different partners and work packages were discussed in face-to-face meetings.


In the afternoon, the ISLANDER project had the opportunity to present the project to students of KU Leuven in a social marketing lecture. The topic of the lecture was the creation of a project video that addresses different target groups of the ISLANDER project. The students brainstormed on the different backgrounds and interests of the ISLANDER stakeholders and presented their ideas for a project video storyline.


Then everyone headed back home, ready to proceed the work on decarbonising islands’ energy system and already looking forward to the next consortium meeting in Greece in September.