EU islands Decarbonisation – Replication Board

The GIFT project Replication Board, held on 6 June, 2023 in collaboration with nine other EU projects, addressed the critical issue of decarbonisation and its impact on European islands. The board provided a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities in achieving a sustainable energy mix for these islands.


Recognizing the unique challenges faced by islands in their decarbonisation efforts, the European Union has been actively supporting initiatives to address this issue. In addition to the ISLANDER Project, the board brought together nine other EU-funded projects: GIFT, MAESHA, VPP4EUISLANDS, IANOS, ROBINSON, REACT, SOCLIMPACT, NESOI, and INSULAE. The projects aimed to share implementation experiences, discuss EU frameworks for islands, and explore policies, strategies, and funding mechanisms that can facilitate the transition to a low-carbon future. Representatives from the 10 showcased projects shared their findings, presenting key insights, challenges encountered, and valuable lessons learned. This lead to an exchange of ideas, encouraging participants to explore multiple approaches to decarbonisation.


To access a recording of the event, click here!