Citizen Engagement process Kicked-off at Borkum Energy Days

On the 15th and 16th of September, the Energy and Water Days took place on the island of Borkum. The event offered an informative programme of lectures and discussions on the topic of energy. Our project partner Stadtwerke Borkum (NBG) used this opportunity to introduce the upcoming Citizen Engagement Workshop on November 4th, 2023. The main objective of this workshop is to inform citizens about the benefits of establishing an energy community on the island.


Key points of the Citizen Engagement Workshop:


With the “Borkum 2030” agenda, Borkum has committed to becoming climate-neutral, sustainable and emission-free by 2030. Borkum citizens have the opportunity to actively help  shaping this energy transition by forming an energy community. The upcoming workshop presents an opportunity for the citizens to gain a deeper understanding of the concept of energy communities and will provide insights into potential projects that could be initiated on Borkum. Furthermore, the workshop will facilitate dialogues with experts in the field, enabling knowledge exchange and exploration of innovative ideas as well as encourage open discussions and collaboration among like-minded citizens.


Date: 04.11.2023

Time: 14:00 – 18:00

Location: Kulturinsel Borkum

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Why consider an energy community?


Energy communities, also known as energy cooperatives, have gained popularity due to several key benefits:


          • Local Empowerment: Energy communities grant citizens influence over their energy sources and consumption
            • Environmental Impact: Energy communities often prioritize clean and sustainable energy sources, contributing to reduced carbon emissions and environmental sustainability.
            • Financial Advantages: Participants often realize cost savings through joint procurement and renewable energy generation.
            • Community Cohesion: Collaborative efforts in energy projects foster a sense of community and collective responsibility.


        To register for the Citizen Engagement Workshop, please visit this link for additional information: